U.S. Senate Action

Sen. Dick Lugar has been about the only member of Senate asking about Korean War POW/MIAs. He’s about the only one who dares to utter the words “live POW/MIAs” that may still be held in North Korea. I’ve been corresponding with Sen. Lugar’s senior aid, Keith Luce who has been forwarding to me letters the Senator has sent to Sec. Panetta and others. (see below) Sen. Lugar has also received my Korean War POW/MIA Peace Treaty Initiative. For our cause it’s very unfortunate that Sen. Lugar is losing his Senate seat in Indiana. Please send Sen. Lugar a letter, email, or call, to tell him you appreciate what he is doing for our POW/MIAs. Also, contact Keith Luce @ Keith_Luse@foreign.senate.gov. If you live in Indiana or know anyone who does it is especially important that they hear from their constituents.