Corporal Roger A. Dumas
Korean War POW/MIA
Peace Treaty Initiative


Before a Peace Treaty between North Korea and the United States can be signed officially ending the Korean War it must be resolved that no American POW/MIAs are still being held against their will and that every effort be made on an ongoing basis to disinter or otherwise account for missing servicemen.

FROM: Bill Dumas
TO: All POW/MIA advocates and supporters
RE: Korean War POW/MIA Peace Treaty Initiative
DATE: February 9, 2010

During the week of January 10, 2010 the North Korean government announced it would resume talks on its nuclear program if the United States signed a peace treaty officially ending the Korean War. Even though the official US response was lukewarm it is very likely that a peace treaty will indeed be signed during President Obama's current term in office.

The reason the Korean War never officially ended was because one last issue could not be resolved during peace negotiations in Panmunjom in 1953. That issue was the exchange of POWs. North Korea threatened to hold back American POWs and fulfilled that threat when the POW repatriation issue could not be agreed upon.

Instead of a peace treaty, an armistice was signed effectively ending hostilities on the Korean peninsula. Shortly thereafter, the US ambassador to the UN submitted a resolution to the UN General Assembly demanding the release of all POW/MIAs from North Korea. The initiative faded away and so did the plight of our POW/MIAs.

Now we have an opportunity to bring home any POWs that remain held in North Korea. This also includes any Vietnam War POWs who were allegedly sent to North Korea during the war in Southeast Asia.

The "Pfc. Roger A. Dumas Korean War Peace Treaty Initiative" demands that no peace treaty be signed until POW/MIA negotiations between the United States and North Korea resume and are completely settled.

Air Force General Mel Montano (retired) who has worked with the Obama administration has sent the President the Peace Treat Initiative along with a copy of the documentary film, "Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search For America's POWs. Gen. Montano will continue to advocate for this project.

The possibility and process of filing a Federal law suit is being investigated in the event the Obama administration does not put the POW/MIA issue back on the table as a precondition for peace treaty negotiations.

 As our government moves towards normalization of relations with North Korea we would like to collect letters of support for the Korean War Peace Treaty Initiative from as many POW/MIA organizations, veteran organizations and individual supporters of our missing servicemen as possible. Gen. Montano will deliver these letters to the Obama Administration.

Please click on the "READ THE INITIATIVE" link above to review this brief document. There you will also find a link to the Addendum which shows a partial timeline of the Korean War POW/MIA milestones.

Also, click on the "TAKE ACTION" link above to find out how you can make an appeal to our government officials on behalf of our POW/MIAs.

As a final note, the reason the Peace Treaty Initiative title is prefaced with "Pfc. Roger A. Dumas" is to put a "face" on this issue which will help those who are not aware of this issue (i.e. most Americans and politicians) understand that we are talking about "real" people, true heros that our nation has abandoned and forgotten. We would like to attach as many photos of POW/MIAs as we can to the Peace Treaty Initiative.

Thank you for your help and support.

Bill Dumas

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